Garage door not opening & closing?


The root cause for many reported cases of garage doors not opening and closing is the garage door sensor. Sensors send a signal to the opposite sensor via an invisible beam. If the beam is broken, the door will not open or close. This functionality is what prevents the door from closing when it senses that a person or an object are in its way and it is a method of preventing garage door accidents.

Due to the sensor sensitivity, the sensors may become hot, dirty or knocked out of alignment which will also break the beam alignment and prevent a garage door from opening and closing.


When the beam is broken, check the following.


  1. Make sure that there are no objects blocking the sensor beam. If an object is blocking the beam, the door will not close.
  2. Ensure the sensors are clean. Dirt will break the sensor alignment beam.
  3. Make sure that the sensor is in alignment. Sensor lights will blink when the sensor is taken out of alignment. Adjust the sensor by moving it slowly towards the other sensor until the light stops blinking.


If you are unable to align the sensor, call a garage door professional.

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Garage Doors and Safety


When we think about protecting our valuables, we often think of a home alarm system; however, the strongest security measure may be broken by the weakest entry point. While having an alarm system in your home is essential, we must also consider that burglars are always in the lookout to find an entry point. Often times it’s not your back door or windows, but your garage. Therefore, it is important to ensure your garage door is working in optimal conditions.

If you need a repair, don’t hessitate to call for maintenance or a free consultation. A faulty garage door can quickly become a burglars’ entry point. Keep your valuables safe.

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Annual U.S. Garage Door Injury Statistics


According to a 2007 NEISS Hospital study on the “door system”, approximately 7,557 persons suffer garage door  injuries such as fingers caught between section joints (which include amputations, avulsions, etc).  Another 2,102 indicated the door fell. These statistics are alarming. Some injuries occur accidentally and others, because of installation negligence.

While it is true that garage doors will need repair throughout their life span, it is also true that professional installation with a focus on consumer safety plays a vital role. Safety should be at the core of all installations. As such, garage door installation and repair services go far beyond a price sheet. The safety of you and your family are at stake.

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